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Pacific Rim Institute of Taekwon-Do Trial Class Registration Page
Which class are you registering for?


First Class: Free


Little Orcas  (4-6yrs): $75/mo
Kids & Youth (7 yrs - 19yrs): $80/Mo
Adult:  (19yrs and Up): $85/Mo

* Annual Registration: $60
* Uniform: $80 ( Paid after Month 1)
* Examinations: $50  ( Paid at the time of examination)

Fees can be paid by E-Transfer to or by cheque made out to The Pacific Rim Institute of Taekwon-Do

Photo Release and Consent

I hereby grant permission to The Pacific Rim Institute of Taekwon- Do to use my or my child's image on its web site or Facebook page and any additional marketing material without further consideration. 

By Submitting this form, I hereby agree to take Taekwon-Do lessons at the Pacific Rim Institute of Taekwon-Do and abide by and observe all the rules and regulations of the Pacific Rim Institute of Taekwon-Do and the International Taekwon-Do Federation.

I waive any claim of my injuries against Pacific Rim Institute of Taekwon-Do, its instructors or students caused as the result from training or participating in organized functions, including tournaments.

AUTHORIZATION OF FIRST AID IN CASE OF EMERGENCY : I hereby authorize basic first aid to be delivered to me/my child by the PR TKD  staff or other authorities. By administering first aid when required or requested, PRTKD  in no way warrants or assumes any liability in relation to the administration of such basic first aid.

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